Privacy Policy

It is important for our company to secure your personal information and ensure that you understand how this information is used. The purpose of confidentiality is to understand how personal information that you share with us through the WWW.GAZETI.GE website is used and stored.

Protection of information

The information you provide can be processed and stored on “LTD HR Recruitment Agency” computers. "In your information" we mean personal information that we (will) take from you or third person, based on your consent. All personal information will be obtained only on your consent. Transmission of information to third person will not be made without your consent. Exceptions may be made only by law.

"Your information" may be used for the following purposes:
  • Place listing on the site
  • Registration on the site
  • Indirect promotional advertising
You have the right to access personal records. If you want to use this right, please contact us
At INFO@GAZETI.GE. These services may be considered payable.

Registration is required to use some of the features of the website. If you are registered or register to receive our online services, we also select some kind of personal information such as your name, address, e-mail, and phone number. During the registration process, you can create, save, change or delete personal data that you specify on the website. You can also change your password at any time. We reserve the right to record and / or monitor the phone calls made between us , also electronic correspondence to verify and specify the instructions to satisfy our service standards.

We may also use small files that are stored on the hard drive as a part of the service to provide clients with information and protect customers from unauthorized use of their accounts in the online system. In addition, we do not use files on the client's computer to monitor the use of the Internet by the person
The account with the email address already exists on the site. To synchronize with Social Network Login plugin please enter the password to your account on the site.